Synonym of love

Alternative for love

loves, loved, loving

Synonym: adore, be fond of, care for, cherish, fancy, idolize, like,

Antonym: abhor, enmity, hate, spite,

Verb of love

appreciate adore dote enjoy fancy like admire doting find irresistible prefer venerate adulate care for choose feel deep affection for be attracted to be besotted with be devoted to be infatuated with be keen on be mad about be nuts about be partial to be passionate about be potty about be smitten with be wild about care very much for carry a torch for esteem feel affection feel affection for go for have a pash on hold very dear leaning overindulge prize be addicted to be attached to be captivated by become infatuated with become smitten with be crazy about be enamored of be enchanted by be fascinated with be fond of be hooked on be in love with be mad for besotted with be swept off one's feet by be taken with bewitched by bowled over by captivated by carrying a torch for consumed with desire for crazy about delight in derive great pleasure from develop a crush on devoted to dote on doting on enamoured of enjoy greatly enthralled by entranced by fall for fall head over heels in love with get a buzz from of get a buzz out of get a kick from of get a kick out of get off on give one's heart to go a bundle on gone on have affection for have a great liking for have a passion for have a penchant for have a predilection for have a proclivity for have a soft spot for have a taste for have a thing about have a thing for have a weakness for have it bad hold dear infatuated with like very much long for lose one's heart to love-struck by mad about nuts about passionate about potty about put on pedestal really like smitten with take a fancy to take great pleasure in take pleasure in think the world of thoroughly enjoy thrive with twitterpated by very much like wild about wild for with a passion for feast on indulge in luxuriate in rejoice in

Antonym of love

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